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The Effect of Diet on Hair and Eyebrow Health

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The health of hair and eyebrows has always been and still is important for women. Nowadays, with various methods, most women have very healthy eyebrows and hair. Eyebrow transplantation technique has gained a lot of attention from women in Tehran in recent years. However, some other people are looking for natural ways to strengthen and maintain the health of their hair and eyebrows.


One of those methods is a proper and healthy diet for the health of hair and eyebrows. In the following, we will discuss more about what substances and nutrients have an impact on the growth of hair and eyebrows.

The effect of iron deficiency on hair and eyebrows

In most cases, iron deficiency in the blood can weaken the roots of scalp hair and eyebrows. To increase your body’s iron levels, you can incorporate red meat into your diet. While you may think that hair and eyebrow transplantation can have a positive impact, it should be noted that if your hair roots are weak, even after eyebrow transplantation, your hair may still experience shedding. Before performing eyebrow transplantation procedures, Tandis Beauty Clinic diagnoses any deficiencies in your body through various tests and treats them before anything else.

Consumption of protein and vitamins

For the health of your hair and eyebrows, it is better to consume protein-rich foods. Additionally, consuming foods that are rich in vitamin A can also help with hair growth. Tandis Beauty Clinic, which performs eyebrow transplantation in Tehran, recommends that prior to undergoing FUT hair transplantation, you consume foods such as liver, meat, fish oil, and egg yolks to strengthen the roots of your hair.

Using Flaxseed for Hair and Eyebrow Growth

Another material that can have a significant impact on the strength of your hair and eyebrow roots is flaxseed. Flaxseed is oily seed rich in phosphorus and vitamins. To consume this expensive grain, you can grind flaxseed daily and add it to your food to see the effects of this oily seed.

The Impact of Beta-Carotene on Hair and Eyebrow Health

Perhaps many friends are not familiar with beta-carotenes, which are converted to vitamin A in the human body. It is better to use foods such as mangoes, carrots, pumpkins, and spinach because these foods are rich in beta-carotenes and can help with the growth and beauty of your hair.

The Use of Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that helps with the growth and strengthening of your hair. You can reach this vitamin for your hair roots and shafts by using citrus fruits and kiwis, and see its effect on your hair.

Eat Spinach for Hair Growth

Perhaps you have heard the above sentence many times. Anyone who has given you this recommendation has put you on the right path. Spinach is rich in vitamin A and iron, both of which are very useful and expensive elements for the growth of your hair. You can pour spinach into Greek yogurt, which is high in protein, and consume it to have a multiple effect on the clarity of your facial skin and the growth of your hair and eyebrows.

Using Grains and Legumes

By using grains and legumes, you can help with the growth of your hair and eyebrows. These ingredients, being rich in iron and nutrients, help to strengthen your hair and eyebrow strands and increase their growth.

What to Eat After Hair and Eyebrow Transplant?

After undergoing eyebrow transplant surgery in Tehran, it is recommended to use foods that not only promote hair growth but also help with wound healing and closure.

  • Eating Pomegranate: If you have had hair transplant surgery in the fall or winter, be sure to use pomegranate fruit. Pomegranate, due to its mineral content and antioxidant-rich properties, can close the free radicals present on the surface of the wound and help with wound healing. Additionally, the presence of vitamins C, A, and E in this heavenly fruit is very useful and effective during your recovery process.
  • Using Pineapple: Doctors always recommend using pineapple and its compote during the postoperative recovery period. Pineapple, due to its vitamin C and D content, as well as iron and potassium, can help with wound healing and strengthening your hair follicles.
  • Celery: Using celery after undergoing eyebrow transplant surgery in Tehran can treat your wound’s swelling. Overall, celery reduces inflammation and pain caused by hair and eyebrow transplant surgery due to its rich antioxidant properties.
  • Honey: We are all aware of the properties of honey, the many vitamins present in this golden substance can have a significant impact on the healing process of your wounds and promote good hair growth in a shorter period.
  • Using Milk: The protein and calcium present in milk can greatly help with wound healing after undergoing eyebrow transplant surgery. Additionally, the presence of vitamins D and B12 can promote hair growth and health.


As mentioned earlier, using certain foods and vitamins can increase hair and eyebrow growth. Some people also use eyebrow transplant methods to enhance their appearance, which can be very effective. This is because onion or hair follicles are much stronger in the scalp than in other parts of the body.

You can achieve the best results by performing this procedure at Tandis Clinic. In this article, we have tried to familiarize you with the effects of food on hair growth and the necessary care for various types of hair transplants in Tehran so that you can choose the best way to beautify yourself.

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