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Methods for Preventing Hair and Eyebrow Loss

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There are various methods to prevent hair and eyebrow loss that you can take. Some people use natural and homemade remedies to thicken their hair and eyebrows, while others take vitamin and hair growth supplements. Of course, eyebrow transplantation in Tehran has become very popular among women in recent years, and they use this method to show off their thick eyebrows.



Eyebrow Loss with Soap, Gel, and Microblading

Some women use eyebrow soap, gel, or glue for a temporary eyebrow lift. However, using this method to lift the eyebrows can weaken the roots of eyebrow hair and cause hair loss. It is better to use less of these cosmetic products.

Methods of Preventing Eyebrow Loss

You can use various home remedies to thicken your eyebrows and promote good growth. These home treatments are very cost-effective and can lead to good results over time. Below are some of these methods:

  • Onion water: Boil an onion and apply the juice or onion water to your eyebrows with a cotton ball. After 20 minutes, rinse it off with warm water and a specialized face soap. Repeat this process several times a week and see the results.
  • Lemon: The presence of folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals in lemons can help increase hair growth and strengthen eyebrows. You can mix lemon with coconut oil and apply it to your eyebrows. The method is to soak lemon rings in coconut oil for a few hours and then place them on your eyebrow hairs.
  • Fresh garlic: Garlic is another substance that can help with eyebrow and hair growth. Be careful not to apply it directly to your skin, and only use the juice on your eyebrows.

By using these natural methods, you can prevent eyebrow loss and promote healthy growth.

Using Oil to Prevent Hair and Eyebrow Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss or want to have fuller eyebrows, you can use strengthening oils for this purpose. Below are the best oils for hair and eyebrow growth:

  • Olive oil: If your eyebrows are starting to fall out, you can use olive oil to strengthen the roots of your eyebrows by applying it once a day.
  • Argan oil: The argan plant has always been used to strengthen hair roots. Using argan oil once a day can help prevent eyebrow loss.
  • Castor oil: Tandis clinic recommends using this oil a few days before eyebrow transplantation. This oil strengthens your eyebrow roots and helps regrow lost hair.
  • Bitter almond oil: Using this oil can help with eyebrow growth and strengthening, as well as help with the pigmentation of your eyebrow hairs. By using these oils, you can prevent hair and eyebrow loss and promote healthy growth.

Eyebrow Transplantation in Tehran

Perhaps many people are looking for a way to have full and beautiful eyebrows through the eyebrow transplantation method using their own hair and onion. This surgical procedure has recently become popular in Iran, and most women and men take care of their hair and eyebrows’ beauty using this method. Eyebrow transplantation has several different methods, and here we will introduce the best ones to you.

Hair Transplantation Using FUT Method

You may think that hair transplantation using the FUT method is harmful to human health, but that is not the case. The process involves removing a thin strip of skin containing a beautiful number of hair follicles from the back of the scalp, and then the follicles are transplanted into the middle layer of the skin. This method is also used for eyebrow transplantation. In fact, these follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and placed under the eyebrows’ middle layer of skin.

 Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation Using FIT Method

This method involves separating grafts into individual follicles and transplanting them into the desired or recipient area. In this method, small holes with a diameter of less than 1 millimeter are created on the skin surface. This eyebrow transplantation method is very popular in Tehran and is known as the best hair transplant method. Due to the use of very sensitive tools to create the holes, there is minimal bleeding, and there is no need for stitches. Tandis Beauty Clinic mostly uses this method for hair and eyebrow transplantation to ensure the comfort of patients.

Which Method Should We Choose?

Perhaps, at this stage, the above question may arise for you. In response to this question, we must say that the FUT method is now considered an old method, and the FIT method is still evolving. It is best to consult with a reputable physician and clinics like Tandis Clinic before doing this procedure to choose the best hair transplant method in Tehran.


Perhaps you may have experienced your eyebrows starting to fall out. Using some natural ingredients to strengthen your eyebrows is a great idea. You can have fuller eyebrows with a few months of home treatment. However, some people are looking for faster methods to achieve results. Eyebrow transplantation in Tehran is one way you can achieve high-density eyebrows in less than a month. Tandis Clinic is one of the best treatment centers that performs this procedure with high quality and at a reasonable price using FUT and FIT methods.

You can consult with their specialists first and then proceed with the desired treatment. In this article, we tried to inform you about eyebrow transplantation in Tehran and home remedies for thickening hair and eyebrows so that you can achieve your desired results.

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