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Who is suitable for hair transplantation with FUT method + FUT method?

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Hair transplantation using the FUT method

For many individuals seeking hair transplantation in Tehran, the FUT method is mostly recommended. The main question is how exactly the FUT hair transplantation method works and what specific advantages it brings compared to other hair transplantation methods. Whether you are a candidate for hair transplantation or not, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of this special and popular method. Join Tandis Beauty Clinic to explore this type of method together and see why the FUT hair transplantation method has gained so much popularity.



Complete Introduction to the FUT Method

As mentioned, the FUT method is known as one of the hair transplantation methods in Tehran today. Generally speaking, this method is more important and is more commonly used by users compared to other methods in the same field. The main difference between the FUT method and other hair transplantation methods is the use of a unit graft in this process. In the past, very specific methods such as mini-grafts were used for hair transplantation. Although these methods were good, they did not always provide satisfactory results for beauty enthusiasts. Fortunately, with the introduction of the FUT method, the problems related to previous processes were completely solved. In the FUT method, a complete area of follicles is removed and placed in the area affected by baldness. The most important feature of the FUT method is that a complete strip of follicles is transferred during the process.

Who Can Consider This Method?

Another important aspect to consider when discussing hair transplantation using the FUT method in Tehran is the suitable candidates for this specific process. Generally speaking, all individuals with baldness can benefit from this method. However, some individuals are more suitable candidates for the FUT method and can expect better results from it.

One group of suitable candidates is men with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Since addressing this type of baldness requires specific solutions, it is recommended to always use the FUT method. Another group of suitable candidates for the FUT method includes women with Ludwig’s alopecia, who have experienced hair loss in the front of their heads. The FUT method is much better for these women than other popular methods in this field and can have numerous advantages.

If you have pattern baldness, the FUT method is also highly recommended for you. Additionally, if you have determined that your hair loss is of the M pattern, the best option for you is to use the FUT method. All of the cases mentioned here are just a part of the individuals who can use the FUT method to solve their hair loss and baldness problems.

Important Points

When it comes to hair transplantation using the FUT method in Tehran, there are several factors that need to be discussed to ensure that you make appropriate choices in this regard. The first point is related to having a complete hair bank. As mentioned, in the FUT method, various follicles are taken from your hair bank and placed in the desired area. Therefore, all individuals who opt for this hair transplantation method must have a suitable hair bank. Determining the suitability or unsuitability of the hair bank is done by specialists present in the clinic, and there is no need to be overly concerned about this matter.

In addition to this point, it should be noted that the higher the density of hair follicles in your hair bank, the better the final result will be. Individuals with a dense and suitable hair bank can be completely hopeful about solving their baldness problem using the FUT method.

Since a prediction of the hair loss process in the coming years should also be made in this method, it is recommended that individuals over the age of twenty-five consider it. As you probably know, predicting the hair loss process is difficult under the age of twenty-five, and this can slightly affect the final result of hair transplantation using the FUT method.

Regarding the price of hair transplantation using the FUT method in Tehran, various parameters can be mentioned. In fact, the cost of this procedure depends on these parameters, among which factors such as the overall credibility of the clinic, the amount of transplanted hair, the number of sessions, etc., should be considered. By choosing the Tandis clinic, you can achieve the best result in hair transplantation using the FUT method with the minimum possible cost.


Today, various methods are used for hair transplantation in Tehran, among which we can refer to the FUT method. This unique method, which has been able to win the satisfaction of different individuals, is considered a popular and widely used method. In the FUT method, a strip of your hair follicles is transferred from one part to another.

In general, people with M pattern or androgenic hair loss are the best candidates for this specific method, although other individuals, including women, can also benefit from it. The most important point in choosing the FUT method is to visit a clinic with extensive experience in this field. Our

recommendation to you is to choose Tandis Beauty Clinic. Years of experience alongside specialized experts have given us the opportunity to provide the best services to hair transplantation applicants.

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